Decolonising Travel

To say I am a travel fanatic would be an understatement. I love every single part of traveling. From deciding where to go, to the planning of every detail ( I went as far as finding out the president of all the countries just in case it came up in conversation). The excitement of booking plane tickets, stressing about what to pack and then of course the actual trip which mainly consists of tons of photos, delicious food and constantly trying to convince everyone that South Africa is great and they should come visit.

As a South African, traveling is not always the easiest hobby but it is most certainly an amazing hobby. Most blogs I read are fantastic, do not get me wrong, but not applicable to a South African. We cannot go to Greece for a spontaneous weekend on a quick special we found by accident, after scrolling around on the internet for ten minutes. For us travel means saving, planning and most unfortunately a Visa. Even taking all this into consideration I am constantly meeting people who love to travel as much as I do and are willing to skip a Spur breakfast here and there to be able to make travel more than just a dream. There are ways to make saving easier, deals to look out for and countries that are not on an American’s top ten list but can and should definitely be traveled to by a South African. Yes thank you for letting me know of all the places we do not need a Visa for i.e New Zealand, we do not need a Visa because a plane ticket is more than an all expenses paid trip to Bali or Thailand for a week. New Zealand is most definitely not worried about an influx of South African Tourists!

I have started this blog with the hope of sharing the travel experience I have (don’t get excited it is limited) with other South African travelers that too have dipped their toes in different countries, cultures and cuisines. Traveling all over the world is no longer this adventure only the rich and famous get to experience. Do not get me wrong I love South Africa, it has a culture, atmosphere and beauty that is tough to beat but the world has so much more to offer than just one country and one way of how things should be done.

When I travel I want it to be firstly cheap, I am fresh out of university so the one thing I enjoy as much as traveling is being a cheap skate which at times can be conflicting. Secondly I want to get the most out of a holiday as possible. Flights are generally the biggest cost in a holiday so when I spend R7000 on a plane ticket I will try my utmost best to squeeze as many countries in as possible. Lastly my aim is to always go somewhere new. There are a 196 independent countries to visit, if you want to be a hater and not consider Taiwan like America then there are only 195 independent countries. None the less there is no time to waste the world is waiting!


TheTravelBug 🙂



11 thoughts on “Decolonising Travel

  1. Jessica Ferreira

    Absolutely loved this entire blog, now itching to book a trip! It can be really hard to save, especially in London, but I’ve got no excuses when I’m off to a pub on a Friday night. As you mentioned, it’s about cutting out the unnecessary little pleasures for a much greater experience. Can’t wait to start saving and browsing around for deals. 🙂

    1. Laura Neto Post author

      Anything you love doing is a pleasure to save for!! Maybe we can do an Australia trip together!! 🙂 Think that could be fun!

  2. Donna

    I never had the travel bug like some of my friends after Uni but I did work on a cruise ship for a couple of years and saw the world in style ha! No need to save for that in fact you get paid! Great blog x

  3. Elizabeth

    We love to travel too, but unfortunately we live on a tiny island in the North Sea where the cost of getting off it to the mainland of Scotland is more than a trip from London to New York! I feel your pain about living remotely!

  4. stacey

    I love to travel as well. We travel mostly because of my husband’s job and save money by staying in the region we live. Ie, when we lived in Germany, we only traveled in Europe, in South Korea we stuck to Asia and SE Asia and now that we are in America, it will only be North and South America. Visas are expensive for Americans when we need them. I had to purchase three recently to China, Vietnam and Cambodia. But the expense is well worth the travel to me. Thanks for your perspectives as a South African. Your country is on my bucket list for 2018.

  5. Claudia Krusch

    I always have to save up to go on a trip. I like to set a goal to work toward. I am lucky I do not live very far from the airport so getting there is not an issue.

  6. Miranda

    Up! Up! Up! And away! Go explore the world! I love this and can’t wait to hear more about your adventures.

    It’s good to know that despite the visa issues you’ve found places that don’t worry about tourists!

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