10 of the most eccentric hostels around the world!

Travel and accommodation go hand in hand! You cannot go to a new country or city and not consider where you will stay? Unfortunately, it is also impossible to have friends and family that would help you out every where you go! For many the accommodation is not the main attraction you travel to explore new surroundings, learn about different cultures and see life changing things!

Naturally, no one wants to stay in crappy accommodation but who wants to spend tons of money on accommodation when you actually spend very little time there. Also, if you anything like me you don’t want to spend tons of money on anything in general! This is why hostels are right up my alley! They are budget friendly, usually includes a below average breakfast (Don’t be pretending you eat eggs Benedict every morning at home!) and you get to meet new people, really a key part to travelling!

What is even better than your run of the mill hostel, is a funky and unique hostel! They’re out there craving a spot on our bucket lists and we don’t even know. I have scrutinized the internet, reading ever article on unusual, funky, themed or over the top hostels and have compiled my top 10 favorite! So get excited and take note!


 1. Jumbo stay, Stockholm Sweden

You get to spend the night in a Jumbo jet! I don’t know what’s more exciting the fact that this is the closest any budget traveller will get to first class or the thought of getting a decent nights rest on a plane! Jumbo stay is actually more a hotel than a hostel but has the option for a female / male four or two bedroom door for a very reasonable price! They even have space for a common area and a fully stocked kitchen!


The biggest dorm rooms they have are 4 beds! Quite quaint if you ask me!


2.  Book and Bed, Tokyo Japan

This is hostel heaven for avid readers! If you not one for party hostels and like to relax after a long day of sight seeing, how dam cool would this be! Fully equipped with everything you need bed, washing machine and food, it’s simple perfect! With a huge range of both Japanese and English books you spoiled for choice. Grab yourself something to read and snuggle up between the books!

3. Daspark hotel Ottensheim, Austria

This is my favorite by far! When someone’s suggestion of great accommodation is a sewage pipe you would naturally question it! This hotel (Yes I know it isn’t a hostel but it is in the same budget range) offers sewage pipe rooms re-done to fit a double bed, space for your luggage under the bed, electricity and key pad doors to ensure security. Best part about it all is they work on a “Pay as you wish” system!! Yes you pay what ever you can afford! The concept has taken off so well they have just opened another one in Germany!


4. Santos Express Mossel Bay, South Africa

Not only do you get to stay on a train for the night, this train happens to be situated only 30 metres away from the beach! Extremely affordable accommodation that includes breakfast and a great view. The Santos express offers a variety of different types of rooms to choose from! Bonus is that it falls along the amazing garden route, making it the perfect stop over on your way!


5. The Tree House Nicaragua

You are spoiled for choice with this one!  There are tree houses, private rooms, dorms and hammocks! How cool? 8$ (R100) gets you a night in the jungle in a Hammock! You can catch the free shuttle up to the hostel, join in on daily tours to secret swimming spots and dig into some home style cooked meals! If you are tired of the same old hostels and love the outdoors this place is perfect for you! Apparently they not running short on howling monkeys either!


6. Hostel Celica Ljubljana, Slovenia

This hostel symbolises so much more than just a hostel! A former prison that has been completely refurbished by numerous artists! You can stay the night in one of many uniquely designed prison cells. Not one alike! The hostel often hosts art exhibitions and “all you can eat” parties! Really a destination in itself!

7. Under The Coconut Tree, Hoi An, Vietnam

Referred to as a home stay instead of a hostel because of its relaxing and tropical vibe! You get to spend your stay in bamboo bungalow dorms right by the beach! You can hire bikes to go explore or join in on a bonfire! With delicious home cooked  meals up for grabs and everything you need on holiday I think it will be hard to leave!

8. Clink 78 London, England

This awesome hostel is set up in an old court house where the famous band The clash once upon a time stood trial! How exciting! Bonus is that it is situated close to the famous Kings cross station with Harry potter’s platform 9 and 3/4! This place is energetic and picture perfect! A real taste of British history if you ask me!


9. Hostel Waka Waka Marrakech, Morocco

This place is like an explosion of color! An affordable ancient palace to stay in the heart of Morocco!  Reviews are through the roof and the staff are great! The best hostels are the ones that shower you with information on what you can do in the area!


10. Balmers Hostel Interlaken, Switzerland

Can anything in Switzerland really not be amazing?? This hostel got my attention for all the cool things you can do, mystery rooms! You and some friends get locked in a room and need to figure out how to get out! It is a family business in its third generation already! Practice makes perfect, so do yourself a favor and make your visit to the Swiss Alps even better by staying at Balmers Hostel!


I read about so many awesome places to stay all over the world! Many people are extremely anti hostels for good reason but I just cannot get enough of them! I am yet to have a bad experience at a hostel, a few sketchy events maybe but really all made for a good story instead of a bad experience! My list does not even scratch the surface of what is out there so please if you think I missed something the world must know about please let me know!


The TravelBug 🙂

45 thoughts on “10 of the most eccentric hostels around the world!

    1. Laura Neto Post author

      Right!! I think if you travel a lot it is perfect because you in no rush and these are the types of places you want to relax at!

    1. Laura Neto Post author

      Exactly and it makes the holiday just so much better when you get to meet other like minded people!!

  1. robin rue

    Some of these sound really cool. While hostels are not for me, I am sure these are all very popular with travelers on a budget 🙂

    1. Laura Neto Post author

      A lot of them had a backpackers section and a hotel as well like the plane you could sleep in the cockpit which was quite funky!

    1. Laura Neto Post author

      The best part is that if you not into the whole hostel thing a lot of them had a backpacker aspect but where just as much a hotel!

  2. Erin F

    The The Tree House Nicaragua looks like an AMAZING place to stay! I would totally rather stay there than a proper hotel any day.

  3. Ankita Arya

    Woww…. Glad that I found this post now.. Soo cool and creative hostels to stay in..
    Loved the Tree House Nicaragua. I have bookmarked this so that I don’t miss any to check out on my travel plan.

  4. Esse D

    These are really cool hostels! Prior to reading I had no idea what a hostel was, but now I know AND I know about these really cool hostels in awesome bucket list locations. This is a very unique approach to highlighting travel.

  5. Christine

    I love this list!!! I’m going to Vietnam in a year, so gonna keep your suggestion in mind for sure!! 🙂

  6. Renata Pereira

    I normally don’t stay in hostels (I guess I’m over the age! hehe), but if I’d choose right now I’d love to stay at the Jumbo and the Book and Bed… just for fun! The Click 78 seems pretty cool too! Great list!

  7. Nicole Anderson

    This is just an unbelievable collection of really different, fun and interesting accommodation places! I am amazed at these and wonder how you found out about them all. I am saving this info for sure for my future travels. This really does add something different to your holiday. So fabulous!

  8. Lindsay A Tullar

    HOW ECLECTIC! This would fuel my travel bug so fast! Beautiful colors, beautiful post. GOTTA START PLANNING

  9. Anosa

    Wow these are awesome finds! Never know the other hostels and I only learned it from here. I will definitely bookmark this so I can stay on these places when I go on vacation.

  10. Akamatra

    Oh how wonderful and unique experience would be to stay in these hostels! You will forever have a conversation starter with them!

  11. Coi

    Oooh I love the one in Japan and the tree house inNicaragua! If only I could travel the world, I would definitely like to stay at places like these instead of big hotels 🙂

  12. Liz A

    I have read so many good things about Japan’s Book and Bed especially since a couple of my friends just came from Japan. The other places look so interesting, too. I hope to get a chance one day to visit even just a couple of them.

  13. Michelle Waller

    These all look amazing and the perfect place to visit! I really love all of the different hotel designs in Sweden.

  14. Wanderlust Vegans

    Some very cool places to stay. Our favourite hostel that we stayed in was on the Isle of Skye in Scotland called the Cowshed. I think they have a few locations. We spent the night in a cowshed.

  15. Elizabeth O.

    I love it! It’s nice to stay in hostels like these just for the experience. I can imagine having a great time reading books when I’m not out exploring that one from Tokyo! I think the hostel in Switzerland is adorable!

  16. Blair villanueva

    Thank you for sharing this places. Am adding Bookd and Bed from Japan. Am a bookworm and this will be heaven for me 🙂

  17. Ilana

    I’ve been to Book and Bed in Japan and loved it! I would be curious to have a look at some of the others too, as for instance the one in Interlaken! 🙂

  18. Kerrilee

    Really nothing from South Korea?! Did you even research bro (hahahahaa) just kidding these look great maybe I’ll plan a quick trip to Nicaragua

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