My first Blogger Recognition Award

Blogger Recognition award you say? What exactly is that? Should I be prepping for my interview with People magazine, will I be featured on the 7 o clock News? Unfortunately not, it is simply a way for bloggers to recognise hard work and share some love and support. I am still very new to blogging, know all my subscribers personally and I am generally afraid of anything that sounds like “SEO”. That is of course why being recognised by other bloggers means the world to me! Only a blogger knows the effort that goes into a blog. The late nights, endless editing and continuous brainstorming. Your hard work should not go unseen! Consider yourself an unsung hero of the internet!

I would like to thank the beautiful over at Virtual Orchard for nominating me. Virtual Orchard is all about love, life and personal growth! Navneet’s confidence and zest is contagious. She requested I share how I started my blog adventure and give two tips on what I have learned.


How did I start my travel blog?

My love for travel is of course the obvious reason. Unfortunately I can’t travel all the time or as much as my heart wants to. What I can do though is blog about it as much as I like. The joy I get from learning new cultures and seeing the world is unreal and I want others to experience that incredible feeling. My main aim is to promote travel as a crucial part of life, instead of only a dream. My blog was started to inspire and inform everyone of how you can travel. I never expected to love blogging as much but I do, It has instilled an even deeper love for travel and taught me so much!


Tip 1

Less is more! There is so many avenues to take when blogging and as much as I want to do everything. Everything doesn’t​ need to be done immediately! Focus on what makes you sparkle and the rest will come! One sparkle at a time people!

Tip 2

Outflow = Inflow! I read an amazing post about how to promote your blog. You can’t just keep making posts and expect people to come running. The analogy was that your blog is like a cabin  in the woods! No one is questioning the fact that your cabin is an architectural miracle but, what’s the point if you only get a runner gone astray coming past once in a blue moon. You need pillar posts that define your blog and then you need to promote those posts like your life depends on it.


Top 10 Nominees

This was a really tough decision because I was waiting for all those blogs that were more century old huts than beautiful log cabins. The ones I could easily eliminate, but they never came!


  • The little Hedonist – This small town girl has got it right. An elegant and informative blog. If you love food but never know where to go, she shares reviews on nice places where you can discover delicious food.


  • It’s Foodoo – A fun blog about food, life and new years resolutions. He will make question things, dream about things and crave food you didn’t even know existed.


  •  LoveartbyNeeta – Always pretty in pink! If you  have a special place in your heart for art, beauty and wellness, you will find everything you need here.


  • Kennamaletsatsi – Mamma Africa reporting for duty. Her personality shines through her blog and that’s what immediately attracted me. A blog about women power, fashion and loving your natural beauty.


  • Meletso This dynamic duo is a young couple that are living life to the fullest, happily side by side. Their blog has a bit of everything, travel, recipes and beauty.


  •  Swan – The very talented Megan will bring you not only delicious food but a beautiful layout. Make sure to check out her vlogs, you won’t be sorry.


  • Design by Claire – No shortage of creativity here! Claire shares all her talents with you in her blog, the things she loves, book art she has designed and little projects for you to take on.


  • Fashion Fundi –  Classy should be her second name. A blog that will enlighten your life with fashion, travel and the art of how to be elegant. If you every get tired of reading you can also check out her Youtube videos.


  • Lukeindia – The young, exciting and gender fluid Luke has so much to offer.  Everything you need to know about what to wear, what not to wear and how to be straight out fabulous!


  • All Things Pretty -That is of course exactly what it is, pretty! No shortage of good content here. You get to read about her travel adventures, love for chocolate and learn a little bit about microblading!


What do I do now?

1. Write a post announcing you have won and that your are awesome.

2. Thank the person who thought of you during their 15 minutes of fame.

3. Explain how, what and when you started your blog adventure.

4. Share two of your best tips that have helped you flourish as a blogger!

5. Nominate 10 blogs you think deserve to be recognised. Take the time to select blogs you truly feel deserve it and let them know why.


I wish each each and everyone many more years of blogging and awards, subscribers lining up at the door and most importantly happy adventures.


The Travelbug 🙂



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