11 years of appreciation for Travelstart!

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: Travelstart’s Birthday specials are pretty much just as exciting as the last episode of Game of Thrones being released, if not more! Travelstart is to me what Tyrion is to Daenerys! My right hand, the adviser and guaranteed to lead me in the right direction (literally)! They can turn a 5 day process into a prompt lunch break.

I’m excited, they’re excited and you should definitely get excited! I really couldn’t imagine a better way to share the Travelstart love than to literally spell it out for you.

T – Of course I’m going to kick off this list with their main attraction, the cheap flights! Just last week we booked ourselves a sneaky getaway to Durban, purely because Travelstart was having a special and we couldn’t resist.



RRenting a car is such an adult thing to do and it’s kind of scary, I won’t lie. Travelstart has got your back though. Lucky for us, Travelstart threw party, invited all the car rental companies and then locked them in a room. Now anytime we need a rental quote, everyone is in one place just for us (Please note no car rental companies were injured in the making of this blog post).



A – Around a year ago they released what has been referred to as the “two tap booking app”. Apparently, (no pun intended) just when we thought there was no room for improvement, they squeezed all their awesomeness into FLAPP.  It’s simplistic, quirky and most importantly free.



V– What the world desperately needs more of are free things, and drinkable water, but mostly free things. This is exactly why Travelstart is a Visa free haven! What you can expect is: inside info to all the countries you may visit, what’s hot, what’s not and naturally, the cheapest flights available.



E – You get extra discount just by being an MTN customer. You will receive approximately a R100 off every flight, just for using your MTN cellphone number. It’s sneaky but I love it.


L Loads of info! You can’t help but feel a little better, tread a little light or smile a little wider when there is a South African perspective to go on, instead of just generic wikitravel info. This leads me to Travelstart’s fantastic blog that is only a handful of blog posts away from being a travel encyclopaedia.



S – The only reason we found the Durban special was because we subscribed. Now I know for most the word “subscription” is directly translated into spam but, this is why they are missing out and I woke up in Durban on Saturday. Your mentality of subscriptions has to change! When they say spam, you say front row seats to specials! This is Travelstart’s direct line to happiness!



TTravel packages galore! Sometimes you just don’t need the stress of hand selecting every piece of the puzzle for the trip. What you do need is one of travelstart’s packages that include flights, accommodation and a free meal here and there. You’re on holiday and should be worrying about the finer things in life, such as Instagram filters. I have my eye on their Asia package for two weeks in Thailand (Don’t tell my credit card).



A – We all know there is no place like home but, I never say no to a good night’s rest in a hotel with clean towels and some free breakfast. This is why Travelstart has a wide variety of accommodation patiently waiting for you to book it. Anywhere you can think of they’ve got you covered.



R– South Africa has no shortage of domestic flights! Many are due to long distance relationships, family trips but, most of them are generally business related. This means that they are booked short notice and in a rush. This is why the lovely FLAPP has real-time results. If you like to live on the edge you can book flights up to two hours before the flight leaves!



T – All this travel talk has done nothing but get me excited for my next trip! I have got my eye on their cheap flights to Cape Town simply because if I add the MTN discount, I won’t find it any cheaper. They also recently released a blog post about unique food tours in Cape Town (and beyond). I almost think it would be insulting if I didn’t go!



So I am just going to leave you with this, whether I see you in Cape Town is now up to you and MTN. Ok, if I don’t stop now, Travelstart might get a restraining order against me for stalking. Pretty much what I am trying to say is that they are fantastic and 11 years of experience has done them well.


Happy Birthday Travelstart


Life of a TravelBug 🙂

P.S This post is a sponsored post but it is 100% my own opinion!

2 thoughts on “11 years of appreciation for Travelstart!

  1. Keza kroza

    I heard about their birthday deals from your other post Thanks! I wouldn’t have seen them otherwise, you’re so on top of things 😛

  2. Dean

    Now I’m really excited to get my travels started with Travelstart 😁😁😁. Super insightful article hope I’m lucky enough to still grab one of their specials!!

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