The first time I got to experience what the world has to offer was in 2004 when I lived in Portugal for a year with my Aunt and Uncle. As I was only 9 then I cannot claim that this was the start of my love for Travel. It was though, the start of my curiosity of what the world had to offer. 2013 introduced me to the life of varsity and the wonderful world of waitressing! It took almost two years for me to save up enough money to go on a month-long Euro trip. I spent some time in Germany, England, France etc all the big guys. To say this was the best month of my entire existence would be mainly cliché but still extremely true!

I now plan my life around travel, quantifying anything and everything in plane tickets. You say Iphone, I say two plane tickets to Europe. Unfortunately waitressing is not ranked in the top ten most lucrative jobs so I have since graduated soon to be twice and upgraded to what some might call the “Adult” life.  Before taking on this new chapter of my life I managed to squeeze in a week of India. Yes you heard me, the lovely India. A country that deserves an entire article or seven to explain such an amazing experience.

To summarise me in one long grammatically incorrect sentence would be: 23 years old, Business Management degree, come from a small town called Heidelberg (S.A version), work for an ice cream factory (Yes, I get free Ice Cream) think my family is the bomb-diggidy and may or may not be addicted to Sugar.

Travel plans for my future:

Next Year: Eastern Europe, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana

5 Year plan: Brazil, Argentina, Mozambique and Philippines

10 Year plan: America, Canada and Australia


🙂 The TravelBug